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Welcome to Our Bike Café

At Musette, our passion for high-quality, locally-sourced products extends beyond bikes. Nestled in the heart of Almadena, our bike café celebrates the vibrant essence of our village through a flavorful journey. Local food and bevarage Mixed with Belgium delights.

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Our commitment to supporting local talent and flavors.

Step into our café and savour more than just wonderful flavours. It's a celebration of community, where local artisans and craftsmen unite to create a unique tapestry of tastes and experiences. Whether you're enjoying the sun on our terrace or soaking in the cycling races at the cozy bar, you're part of the fabric that makes Almadena special.

Our Collection

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WILD Chocolate

Enter our kitchen, where the aroma of pure cacao wafts through the air. Kristof Deschuymere, the wizard behind Wild Chocolate, meticulously crafts beans into delectable chocolate. Collaborating with the master pastry chef, Kristof curates an array of desserts – from rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes to tantalizing vegan chocolate mousses. Their dedication to quality and innovation ensures each bite is an experience in itself.


Clifftop Coffee

Picture this – Rhian, the passionate maestro from Clifftop Coffee, hand-selects the finest beans and roasts them down the street. His dedication to delivering exceptional coffee, packed in recyclable boxes, brings the essence of Almadena to your cup. Rhian's quirky yet dedicated approach, often delivering in his pajamas, embodies the relaxed, community-oriented spirit we treasure.

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Our Rental Bikes

All bike rentals include: Use of Bike Lock, Drinking Bottle, Puncture Pack
Optional Extras /day: Helmet - 1€ | Clip in Pedals - 5€ | Shoes - 10€ | Garmin GPS + Route - 20€

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