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The bike shop

Welcome to our hub for cycling enthusiasts in the captivating Lagos area of West Algarve. Our bike shop and repair services epitomize excellence, offering a diverse range of high-quality bikes from prestigious brands such as KTM, Bergamont, BH, complemented by premium accessories including Mucoff, Shimano, Schwalbe, and Lazer Helmets.

loja de bicicleta

Musette, an atmosphere that goes beyond traditional bike shops

Step into our modern-designed shop, where you'll find more than just merchandise; it's an experience. Explore an array of cycling apparel and gear tailored to elevate your riding adventures. Beyond products, we prioritize exceptional service and meticulous bike repairs, ensuring your ride is always at its best.

At the core of our ethos is a commitment to quality, innovation, and fostering a vibrant cycling community. We're more than a shop; we're a meeting point for enthusiasts driven by a passion for cycling excellence. Join us in our unique environment, where every pedal stroke resonates with our dedication to creating an exceptional cycling experience.

Your local repair expert.


Repair & Maintenance

Everyone on a bike tour needs a little help sometimes – even if only because they’ve ridden so far they’ve worn out their tyres!


Premium bike wash

When being on cycling holiday as well as during your longer term stay you may not have the space or time to give your bicycle the attention it deserves. Your bike needs regular maintenance to continue run smoothly and avoid any mechanical issues. We have the place,  tools and products to get your bike all clean and shiny again.


Electric bikes

Looking for a premium e-bike? Look no further! Our bikes are equipped with only the best Bosch engines from top brands. Experience the ultimate ride with our high-quality e-bikes.

KTM Macina Kapoho 7972

Experience both uphill and downhill thrills with the MACINA KAPOHO, boasting 160mm of travel and DiMMiX tires for stability, power transmission, and traction in challenging terrain.


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Musette Merchandise


Conventional bikes

All Purpose bicycles, for your daily baysics or to get more adventurous.



Looking for a fast bicycle, with a fancy shifting sound? This brand new bicycle is the right one for you. With 105 Di2 groupset, it is a great choice for confort and traction.

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Second Hand Bikes

Looking for a bicycle for your daily basic needs?  At Musette.Bike we have a big range of second hand options, from kids to adults. Book an appointment to see what we have in stock

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